Production in a Pandemic

Goodness! It’s been a while, eh? This year has been a doozy, and I’ve had my own share of “How in the world do I deal with this?” moments. Every single show I had on the docket for… Read More

What is an Altar?

What is an Altar? Check out my mini digital zine to learn more!

Metroplex Magick Supplies

So, things have quieted down here at my little studio; much of my business depends on faires and events, which are not happening right now! It gives me pause to consider ramping up my online presence at bit…. Read More

Event Updates!

WELL! First show of the year was fantastic and amazing, then we hit a brick wall, didn’t we? I’m sad to say that any spring shows I was going to be attending have been cancelled, the biggest one… Read More

Austin Witchfest – March 7th

This Saturday, March 7th is Austin Witchfest! It’s the first event of 2020 for me, and I’ve got sooooo many new goodies. Keep an eye on my social media feeds for: incense holders, altar plates, goblets, wall hangings,… Read More

Small Business Saturday

Whew! This has been a mighty busy fall season! I have one more in-person event scheduled for the year: Dickens Downtown in Downtown Plano on Friday, December 6th at 5pm. I’ve attended the past three years, and it’s… Read More


I had a wonderful time at DFW Pagan Unity; so many delightful folks to meet! This October, I’m going to be updating LOTS of items on my online shop, so keep an eye out. Make sure to check… Read More

Get Email Updates!

Yep, social media hides everything important. Algorithms mix up the date you see posts and it can be infuriating. If you’d like to know when I ACTUALLY update my online shop with new goodies, the best way to… Read More

Feature in Plano Magazine!

Oh WOW this is cool; I got featured in Plano Magazine for their January/February issue! It was a little intimidating, speaking to someone you’re trusting to write something you feel represents you, and letting someone take photos you’re… Read More

New Shop!

I know, I know. Changing online shops RIGHT before Christmas? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I wanted to be able to offer a large variety of photos for many of the mugs and pendants I… Read More

Live streaming art in progress!
Not currently live streaming art!