Artist Statement

Olivia Snyder is not afraid of color, magic, or computers. Her work strives to live at a comfortable intersection of the spiritually natural and the technologically infused: extruded shapes made from 3D printed parts and silk-screened designs created on graphic software from 1982 feel at home with leaf-impression dishes and thrown cauldron mugs with hand-pulled curls.

Utilizing her heavy background in printmaking and graphic design, Olivia ignores the advice a professor gave her years ago: “No fairies on mushrooms!” Bright colors and familiar tropes stay lodged in our minds because they bring a sense of nostalgic comfort: remember that time you had the same magical unicorn on your binder every other 7th grade girl did? Your experience doesn’t mean less or connect you with other humans in a superficial way because you reveled in something mass-produced or designed to appeal to a connoisseur of sparkles and glitter. Revel with your inner 7th grade self!

You can find Olivia spending too much time on the Internet at, where there are links to her social media, including Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook.