Large Faerie Houses

These faerie houses are over a foot tall and have a full-size lamp inside.

The Mushroom Farmer’s House – 2023 – Second Cap

Click here to learn why this house got a new lid!
This giant house is available for purchase.

Fallen Log Faerie House II – 2022

This house is available for purchase. It features lots of little critters added on post-firing, as well as custom 3D printed lithopane windows…that glow in the dark after turning the lamp off!

Wisteria Faerie House – 2019 – Sold

This house somehow never got a proper photo set! It features custom-made 3D printed lithopane windows with a sparkle pattern.

Fallen Log Faerie House – 2021 – Sold

This house features custom made 3D printed lithopane windows.

Star Swirl Faerie House – 2019

This house is available for purchase.

The Mushroom Farmer’s House – 2019 – First Cap

This house features real glass window panes.

The Stave Maker’s Hut – 2017 – Sold

Split Branch Faerie House – 2017 – Sold

This house has simple frosted acetate windows; I had not yet learned how to design and print lithopane windows for my houses!