Hello, my name is Olivia Snyder and I make things.

The first drawing I ever considered “good” that I created was a magical unicorn I copied out of a ook when I was in the fifth grade. Since then, I’ve been through a variety of styles and media; now that I’m old and cranky, returning to the blazing neon colors and design aesthetic present in my youth brings a delightful sense of nostalgia and magic to my art.

I have an expensive piece of paper that says I have a BFA in Printmaking, though I haven’t pulled a print in over a decade. I got a job at a paint-your-own-pottery shop and fell in love with ceramics. I dipped into my etching press savings and purchased a kiln and a pottery wheel and have been getting dirty ever since. More recently, I reconnected with the sparkly past of my face painting business I formerly ran and have been putting brush to paper with lots and lots of glitter.

Currently I reside in Plano, Texas where I’m constantly chasing two children out of my home studio. When I have time I pet my wiener dog and sew patches onto my favorite pair of jeans.

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