Sourcing and Materials

I understand it’s important to support smaller businesses and local economies, as well as companies that are conscious of their impact. As an artist with a small and local business, I do my best to source materials and supplies from companies who are as close to home as I can get!

Clay, Glaze, and Pottery Supplies

Trinity Ceramic  – Dallas, Texas
Armadillo Clay and Supplies – Austin, Texas

Oracle Deck and Kit Sources

Card and manual printing – The Game Crafter – Madison, Wisconsin
Cloth for card bags and reading mats – Spoonflower – Durham, North Carolina

Obviously, it’s difficult to control ALL aspects of a supply chain unless you own all of the links, but I do my best to support US-based businesses. If you ever have any questions regarding my materials, please feel free to inquire.

For local witchy and metaphysical supplies, check out my list of DFW-based businesses here!