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Shipping is Horrible

The BANE of my online shop existence is shipping. It’s NOT intuitive, and shipping calculators don’t really account for “a bunch of extra padding that makes this item an inch bigger and an ounce heavier”. That being said, it was brought to my attention that my shop was charging outrageous shipping prices. I had no idea. I try to keep up with it, but stuff gets by me. It’s given me a HUGE pause, wondering how many people put something in their cart, only to be immediately put off by a $60 charge for mailing three zines. The absolute horror.

I HOPE that my day of tinkering, measuring, weighing, and categorizing has fixed this issue. If you’ve ever come across exorbitant shipping charges in my shop, please know that while I cannot afford to offer free shipping, I do my best to keep things reasonable, even if betrayed by the computer! As always, local pickup is free, and don’t hesitate to let me know if you think a shipping charge is way too high, even for pottery. 🙂