Fairy Comic Zines


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Cute lil’ comics starring some of my favorite fae folk! Available individually or as a set.

✨ The Cupcake Fairy and the Missing Magical Sprinkles
✨ The Patchwork Fairy and How She Came to Be
✨ The Mushroom Farmer Fairy and the Spore of Hope
✨ The Stave-Making Fairy and the Search for the Shimmerheart Gem
✨ The Ink Imp and the Perfect Pen

Each zine is made from a copied original drawn and written by me and are suitable for use as tiny coloring books, or giving to wiggly children to read. 🙂

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Weight .0125 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2.75 × .125 in

Cupcake Fairy, Patchwork Fairy, Mushroom Farmer Fairy, Stave-Making Fairy, Ink Imp, I want all 5!