Rune Stones: Rainbow


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Rune casting or rune drawing is a delightful form of divination that traditionally uses sticks or stones with the Elder Futhark runes carved into them.

These unique hexagonal runes are made from ceramic! Each stone is individually stamped with an artist-designed rune, glazed, then has the unglazed back polished.

All sets come with a handmade, lined drawstring bag and a small guidebook.


– each rune measures approximately 1″ x 1″
– glossy front, matte back
– ceramic
– glazes are lead-free

🧙‍♀️ RUNE SETS VARY! Measurements are approximate, and designs are not identical due to the fact that I’m not a robot. Choose preferred color, finish, etc. when ordering. First photo is representative of the design and may not necessarily be for sale.

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