Fae Magic Potion

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For those that wish to add another dimension to their altar workings, this magic potion is available. Each potion is a single piece glazed on the inside and outside.

By purchasing, buyer verifies they are age 21 or older.


– Euphemisms aside, this is a ceramic smoking pipe, not an actual corked bottle. It is not intended for persons under the age of 21.
– approx. 4.5″ long with 3″ diameter at the widest part
– bowl is a little larger than a dime in height and width
– carb is on the left-hand side
– ceramic
– handmade, please handwash!
– glazes are lead-free
🧙‍♀️ Items Naturally Vary! Measurements are approximate, and designs are not identical due to the fact that I’m not a robot. First photo is representative of the design and may not necessarily be for sale.

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