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Grand Re-Opening!

Grand Phorest Goblet

HOORAY! Today officially re-opens as a fancy new online shop! New items, new payment methods, and items I used to only sell in-person are now in the shop! It’s so great I can only use exclamation marks to end my sentences!

I am so excited for this upgrade; it’s taken some long hours at the computer, but well-worth the effort. It is my hope that you can find that special piece of pottery that helps make your day-to-day life just a little bit nicer. ☺

Thank you for all your support, here’s to more magickal pottery!

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Site Issues

Bear with me; my shop is currently going through backend updates. Your friendly neighborhood technopagan is working on it, trying to get the DNS spirits to do their job! 💜

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Last-Minute Change

This was a really hard decision, but I’m having to cancel going to DFW Pagan Unity last minute. 🙁 I’ve got a barfy kid, and barfy kids need rest and a parent to bring them more pedialite.

Deepest regrets, and I hope to see you all in Arlington next year!

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September Newsletter

Holy cow it’s September already? Wowzers. You wouldn’t know Fall is coming here in Texas, but that’s what the calendar says. 😂 Check out this month’s newsletter for upcoming show dates!

For those attending events, I AM vaccinated, will be masked up, and armed with hand sanitizer. If restrictions regarding events change, I will post here on my website.

Have you signed up for the newsletter yet? Get it delivered DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX! Wow we live in the future!

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The Hive Oracle is HERE!

I am super-excited to announce the official release of my very own oracle deck, the Hive Oracle! This is truly a labor of love. The deck consists of 34 cards of vector-illustrated faeries, imps, sprites, witchies, and wands, by me. This deck isn’t so much focused on fortune-telling as it is on personal examination using elements many pagans are familiar with. Utilizing a unique hexagonal shape, the deck can allow for a spectrum of answers rather than a solid “yes/no” answer.

Currently the deck is available as print-on-demand from the company I am self-publishing from, The Game Crafter. I’m impressed by the quality of the cards, the box, and the booklets! Everything is printed and manufactured here in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays from overseas. Keep an eye on special items to go with the deck, coming soon: a reading cloth, hand-sewn bags, and the complete printed manual. In the meanwhile, all information and instructions for the deck are available here on my website!

Order your copy of the Hive Oracle here!