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Livestream on Twitch.tvTonight at 9:30PM CST join me for some good ol’ pot throwing on Twitch! Broadcast will last as long as I have balls of clay to chuck onto the wheel. Come join me!


Feature in Plano Magazine!

Oh WOW this is cool; I got featured in Plano Magazine for their January/February issue! It was a little intimidating, speaking to someone you’re trusting to write something you feel represents you, and letting someone take photos you’re the subject of. However, I feel as if yes, this represents me!

Check out page 42 either in print, or online, and maybe get to know a bit more about me and my art.

New Shop!

I know, I know. Changing online shops RIGHT before Christmas? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I wanted to be able to offer a large variety of photos for many of the mugs and pendants I offer, and my old system, Storenvy, just wasn’t offering that. I also found it grossly unfair that they tacked on an extra dollar to each item ordered and charged the customer. Shipping pottery isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, the last thing I need is customers being charged a “store fee”.

So, Faerie Hive is now on Squareup, which is the same service I use for in-person transactions, so paperwork is just a bit tidier now! Enjoy!

Mailing Deadlines

Are you ordering something from the shop? The latest you can order and receive by Christmas is December 19th! If you are picking up locally, please e-mail me and I will create a reserved listing just for you so that you do not get charged for shipping. 🙂 The deadline for local pickup is December 23rd!

Dickens Downtown!

Dickens Downtown Plano Arts DistrictI will be kicking off the winter season at Dickens in Historic Downtown Plano this Friday! There will be LOTS of new things not up in my web store yet: new mugs, new ornaments, new pendants… Come on out, meet Santa, see Plano’s Christmas tree lighting, buy some handmade pottery as gifts!

Friday, December 1st from 5:00-9:00PM
Faerie Hive will be in the Haggard Park parking lot facing the Interurban Railway Museum, and closest to 15th street.


So I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon and give Ello a shot. I’m frustrated at how FB and IG hide artists I want to follow just because I don’t “Like” every single post ever. Ello supposedly is directly making its goal NOT to datamine or use algorithms. You see what you follow. Instagram has become WAY too focused on trying to kill Snapchat and Periscope. I don’t want goofy face filters, I want to follow artists. I’m waiting for the day they finally just merge IG with FB and call it a day. The new app will only take up 50GB on your phone and send a constant stream of data directly to FB’s marketing team.

Frankly, if a service ever wanted me to pay a modest yearly fee, I would. I’d be happy to support a service that allows me to follow who I want and keep up, I also think it would cut way back on spam accounts and wholesale “craftsmen”, even if the paywall was like $20/yr or something. (Though Etsy eventually gave in and stopped caring about sweatshops and wholesalers posing as “artisans” so what do I know?)

In any event, I’ve heard positive things about Ello; it’s been around in website form for a few years, and though its mobile app is reportedly hinky, they’re doing their best to improve. It’s full of artists and Ello seems genuinely committed to the idea that YOUR data/photos are YOURS. Though, if it was easier to get more artists updating their own sites and use an RSS feed aggregator, ownership might not be such a hot button topic!

Find me on Ello!

Up and running!

Magickal Mushrooms

Finally! I don’t have as much spare time to fuss with websites as I used to, but Faerie Hive is UP and running, complete in ’90s HTML-o-rama. Currently, I am working on photographing and putting new works up in my shop, so there will be a major drop soon. For more regular announcements, be sure to check out my Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Live streaming art in progress!
Not currently live streaming art!