Event Updates!

WELL! First show of the year was fantastic and amazing, then we hit a brick wall, didn’t we? I’m sad to say that any spring shows I was going to be attending have been cancelled, the biggest one being Artscape at the Arboretum. Currently, any summer shows are looking iffy at this point.

But fear not! I’m still open for business. Working out of my home studio has a distinct advantage at this point in time! The postal service is still delivering, and if you’re local, you have the option to pick up. (From a safe distance away, haha.)

I know a whole lot sucks right now, but if I can help brighten your world a bit with some glittery, rainbowy, magickal art, I’d love to do so.

Visit my online shop: https://faeriehive.square.site/

Thank you!

Austin Witchfest 2020 was fantastic! I wish to thank everyone who patronized my booth; you have helped to support me in my craft, something for which I am ever grateful. For those who wished to purchase online, I only ask that you give me a few days to unload my stock and evaluate what I have available to put online.

Some items I completely sold out of! In the next month I will be working to replenish and restock everything. Keep an eye on my social media outlets, as I will be posting official shop updates, as well as work-in-progress photos and stories.

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Austin Witchfest – March 7th

This Saturday, March 7th is Austin Witchfest! It’s the first event of 2020 for me, and I’ve got sooooo many new goodies. Keep an eye on my social media feeds for: incense holders, altar plates, goblets, wall hangings, and magic potions! (New items won’t be in my online shop until after the event.)

For more information on the event, check out their FB page.

Winter Sale!

I’m having a Winter Sale in my shop! I need to make room for new things this coming year, so there are some pretty hefty discounts I don’t normally offer. ❄️ Check it out!

If you’re local to Plano and will be at Dickens Downtown, I will have this SAME sale going on at my booth! Come pick out something special~

Small Business Saturday

Whew! This has been a mighty busy fall season! I have one more in-person event scheduled for the year: Dickens Downtown in Downtown Plano on Friday, December 6th at 5pm. I’ve attended the past three years, and it’s a delightful time: artists, Santa, roasting marshmallows, hot cocoa, the City Tree lighting…I hope to see you there! I’ll have plenty of new ornaments to adorn your greenery this Winter.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and Saturday the 30th is Small Business Saturday! I will be having an all-day online sale: 10% off of everything with the code SBS19 and discounts on items I need outta here to make room for new cool stuff.

While you’re in my online shop, did you know that I offer digital gift cards? It’s TRUE!


I had a wonderful time at DFW Pagan Unity; so many delightful folks to meet! This October, I’m going to be updating LOTS of items on my online shop, so keep an eye out.

Make sure to check out my online calendar to stay up-to-date as to which events I will be at this upcoming holiday season!

Happy Mabon!

2019 Plano Artfest

Huh? What? I’m alive! And I’m making pottery! For people! Ack! It’s Mabon already?! Oh man.

Life has been a whirlwind of activity here in the studio, mostly of the boring paperwork sort, but I’ve managed to squeeze in some pottery. This Saturday, September 28 is DFW Pagan Unity in Arlington! I have a juicy rainbow of new cauldron mugs, some new shroomy stash boxes, and impish lil’ shroom incense holders. I hope to see you there!

Check out DFW Pagan Unity on Facebook!

Mini Mugs

Eeek eek! I am in LOVE with these new rainbow mini mugs. They will make their debut in the shop this week! They’ve been airbrushed with a gentle rainbow and have a pearly unicorn-horn handle: perfect smaller hands to hold some magic! 🌈 🦄 #pottery #mug #rainbow #unicorn #handmade #faeriehive

DFW Pagan Unity – September 28th

Nooooooooooooooo! The Storm Gods decided to have a party this Saturday, so the kind organizers at DFW Pagan Unity deferred and have rescheduled for September 28th of this year. While I’m disappointed, I still have a fresh kiln full of new goodies! I will update my online shop next week, and you can find some treasures while sitting in your underwear. Which, let’s be frank, you could comfortably do while at a pagan festival anyway. 😆

DFW Pagan Unity

Oh PLEASE hold off on the rain this Saturday the 18th! 🙏  DFW Pagan Unity is set to go on, and I’ve got a kiln full of new magickal goodies. Watch the weather and Pagan Unity’s Facebook Page for updates. I hope I’ll see you there!

DFW Pagan Unity Fest’s Website

Live streaming art in progress!
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