Happy Mabon!

2019 Plano Artfest

Huh? What? I’m alive! And I’m making pottery! For people! Ack! It’s Mabon already?! Oh man.

Life has been a whirlwind of activity here in the studio, mostly of the boring paperwork sort, but I’ve managed to squeeze in some pottery. This Saturday, September 28 is DFW Pagan Unity in Arlington! I have a juicy rainbow of new cauldron mugs, some new shroomy stash boxes, and impish lil’ shroom incense holders. I hope to see you there!

Check out DFW Pagan Unity on Facebook!

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Mini Mugs

Eeek eek! I am in LOVE with these new rainbow mini mugs. They will make their debut in the shop this week! They’ve been airbrushed with a gentle rainbow and have a pearly unicorn-horn handle: perfect smaller hands to hold some magic! 🌈 πŸ¦„ #pottery #mug #rainbow #unicorn #handmade #faeriehive

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DFW Pagan Unity – September 28th

Nooooooooooooooo! The Storm Gods decided to have a party this Saturday, so the kind organizers at DFW Pagan Unity deferred and have rescheduled for September 28th of this year. While I’m disappointed, I still have a fresh kiln full of new goodies! I will update my online shop next week, and you can find some treasures while sitting in your underwear. Which, let’s be frank, you could comfortably do while at a pagan festival anyway. πŸ˜†

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DFW Pagan Unity

Oh PLEASE hold off on the rain this Saturday the 18th! πŸ™Β  DFW Pagan Unity is set to go on, and I’ve got a kiln full of new magickal goodies. Watch the weather and Pagan Unity’s Facebook Page for updates. I hope I’ll see you there!

DFW Pagan Unity Fest’s Website

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DFW Pagan Unity – Postponed!

Shimmer Crystal Rainbow Tumbler

Boo! The rain sure rained on this parade! Due to impending bad weather, this Saturday’s DFW Pagan Unity Fest has been POSTPONED until Saturday, May 18. Don’t worry, Faerie Hive will still be there with cauldron mugs, crystal tumblers, and faerie houses!

For more information, check out DFW Pagan Unity Fest’s Website.

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DFW Pagan Unity Fest

Oh how I love me some pagan events! I will be at DFW Pagan Unity Fest on Saturday, April 13th from 10am – 6pm. My table will be chock full of cauldron mugs, shroom incense holders, and flower dishes! I hope to see you there~

For more info, visit DFW Pagan Unity Fest’s Website

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Spring Fling Market

Spring FlingAh! Downtown Plano! What a pleasant way to begin Spring than with a cute lil’ Market? I will be at the Spring Fling in Downtown Plano on March 24th from 11:00am-5:00pm. If the rain this week doesn’t slow my clay drying too much, I will have some new mugs, dishes, and even some incense holders! See you there!

Spring Fling Event Page on Facebook

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Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Fest

Texas Metaphysical and Paranormal Unity FestWhoop whoop! First event of the year and I’m so excited! Join me Saturday, March 2nd for the Texas Metaphysical and Paranormal Unity Fest in Dallas, Texas. I’m (literally) cooking up a batch of fresh magickal pottery and goodies.

Facebook Event Link | Eventbrite Tickets and Information

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Fortune Witch

I’ve been so quiet, and not posting much pottery! January has been my time to take inventory, organize the studio, and pursue other activities that are completely different from pottery. This month’s project? Using Adafruit’s instructions, I built a mini Internet of Things Printer! Of course, I don’t like to follow instructions perfectly so while it will talk to the Internet and print out tweets, it also will print out little fortune tickets.

If I’m at a show that has electricity, you bet that I’ll have my little Fortune Witch at my booth. Push the button, and poof! You’ll get a fortune ticket.

I actually really enjoy side projects like this; it’s a mind shift. My brain thinks in a different manner when I’m designing precisely, and working on programming, no matter how simple it may be. If you’ve no inclination to follow the link to Adafruit, this project is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ micro computer. The colored paper I hunted down online, specifically from Internet-connected “memo printers” that inspired me to embark upon this project. Why buy a nifty gadget when I can make one with MY graphics in hot pink translucent plastic? Both my wallet and desire to make things can’t find a reason to.

My hands will be back in mud soon enough; Springtime is just around the corner!

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Dickens Downtown

Tonight at 5:00! Come join me in the Downtown Plano Arts District for Dickens Downtown! I’ll have new trees, new ornaments and other goodies available for all your little giftie needs.Β  😘

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